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Day 10 and 11 transbeskidzki szlak konny Bukowina Tatrzańska - Niedzica

Day 10 transbeskidzki szlak konny Bukowina Tatrzańska

Enjoyed a wonderful rest day!

This is a beautiful place! A friendly man, well-groomed horses, a nice room, close to shops and restaurants. We will definitely come back here.

They have a big angry dog who liked us so much that she accompanied us to the shops and markets. We had heard her bark a few times but didn't see any Whiskey.

Until we heard the man from such a stall say: go home, go home. There she was, Whiskey. At first she didn't let herself be caught but I thought that was so dangerous along the busy road. So with a quick unexpected move I had her and we walked home. Lazing around in the sun for a bit. Checked out the route for today and had help booking our next night. Had a nice dinner and then the light was out quickly for me.

Day 11 transbeskidzki szlak konny Bukowina Tatrzańska - Niedzica

What a beautiful day again!! I am very happy!!

After having slept very well again, got up, packed last things and had a nice breakfast in the sun with the company of the little Whiskey.

We left at 9.25am, we left the beautiful place and the cute doggy behind and walked past the stalls, shops, restaurants and the many holiday accommodations out of town.

Just follow the asphalt but soon the lanes became smaller and quieter. Dior got off to a slow start today. But he did well. We had been warned that the route was difficult to find. When the asphalt turned into a field track where we could do a few trots, there was a good place to let the horses eat.

There Geert looked again at the map and he was sure that we had to go back a bit.

Sure enough, he was right. We rode out of the field and came across another cute village. We crossed the great white river and rode on the asphalt again. It brought us back to another beautiful piece of nature. The views were again amazing!! Took a break somewhere at the top of a field with an amazing view!

We were able to take some nice pictures there.

It was a beautiful road! We started to descend gradually because we went towards a large lake. Sometimes that was exciting again, sometimes it went down very steeply, but our handsome guys are doing so well!

We ran into a workhorse in the woods dragging trees. It was very wet there and we walked next to it because it slid so much, consequence: my pants full of mud splashes.

Nice piece of forest and then another big descent. That brought us back to another village. From there it was 7.5 km via the asphalt to our overnight stay. The miles really flew by today! And so also during those 7.5 km. They had a good brisk pace without having to ask to go faster.

Grabbed an ice cream along the way. We walked next to the lake that finally appeared, passed stalls with food, including one with belgijski frytki!

We passed a castle and arrived at a hidden beautiful place. They were expecting us and were waiting.

2 very friendly women who have been the owners of this chalet park since June. A very nice place where we definitely want to come again.

The boys were supposed to be on the long line but Dior was already destroying the bushes with the long line.

So changed the plan: with the ropes we have made a pasture. The woman started tearing sheets to pieces so they could see the wire.

They also each immediately received a large bucket of water.

The grass was short but I think it's okay to get through the night.

We also got very nice food which was really lovely that we didn't have to go out for dinner despite the many restaurants here on the water. She told us about a beautiful view of 10 minutes walk, we then went to admire that.

The horses were brushed, clearly did them good.

Blankets inside against the moisture and into the shower ourself.

Only then do you realize how badly burned you are.

I look back on the last days with a wonderful feeling.

This is really enjoying!!

31 kilometers today

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