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Day 17 transbeskidzki szlak konny Krynica Zdrój - Ropki

Day 17 transbeskidzki szlak konny Krynica Zdrój - Ropki

Slept well and woke up with a beautiful view.

We ate the leftover spaghetti and a sandwich that I brought in the store last night.

We even had sandwiches left over for lunch!!!

Packed the bags and cleaned up the house. When we put our stuff at the paddock, I noticed that a Calisto his front shoe was missing. The halters that had been lying with the shoes on the floor next to the paddock. Now they were lying in the paddock and Calisto's rope halter was bitten. You could clearly see the chewing marks so it was definitely a dog or a fox. Could not find the shoe. Geert searched everywhere while I brushed and saddled the boys.

The people wanted to help and she started calling around. Very sweet, but I knew that was pointless. Hardly anyone knows those shoes for horses.

Okay left on 1 shoe but that didn't last long. He walked oddly of course so his shoe off and continued barefoot. Fortunately, the roads were not too bad today and we were able to ride a few pieces.

We walked the parts with a lot of stones to help Calisto. He did well. We ran into horses! And curious cows. We had beautiful views again. We walked on the red route and entered the woods just like we have at home, but it was a long way up and it was very hot!

And then descend quite a bit. We ran into the ranger who showed us a shortcut. Top! Thank you! We arrived in Ropki!

No range on our phone so we didn't know which direction to go at the intersection.

We guessed and guessed right! Another very nice place with super nice people! 15 km.

Very tasty food and a pleasant stay.

The boys are enjoying themselves on a pasture.

We had a nice chat and even some homemade vodka. But since there is no shop or restaurant in the area, we are dependent on the people here and I find that difficult.

We were looking all afternoon for the next place to spend the night but we have very bad reception here so that was very frustrating. And we needed an adres so I could order a new shoe for Calisto.

I had found a place where a horse stable, hotel and karczma are together, so ideal! But they have no room for us.

Last night I just wanted to stop. Geert was able to talk me around so I did some searching last night but again poor reception. Then try to sleep. As long as we don't have an address to go to, I can't order a shoe. And the longer that takes, the longer we will have to wait. Just a sour apple to bite into.

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