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Day 6 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zawoja - Zubrzyca Górna

Day 6 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zawoja - Zubrzyca Górna

What a day!

After another bad night (Iris anyway) we started our day calmly.

It would be a short easy ride. But it wasn't.

After another nice breakfast, those Poles know what's good, packed the bags and saddled up. The apple tree was trashed and a few more little ones, oops!

We switched horses, I rode Calisto and Geert rode Dior. We left at 10 o'clock.

We have not seen the stable owner so we could not ask for tips about the route.

First we rode through a village via an asphalt road and then the blue road into the forest. Via a waterfall (which we saw from between the trees, getting there was too difficult for the horses) and then again steeply uphill.

Dismounted, and puffing and sweating together, up the mountain. There we passed an older couple with a nun, we think their daughter, and 2 beautiful dogs. There was already a lot of aah and ooh at that time.

When we finally got to the top, the boys were allowed to eat. We tried to do that as much as possible on the road. There Geert looked which way we had to go. Meanwhile, the people with the dogs had also reached the top. Very lovely people, we had a conversation with them, took pictures (unfortunately I didn't think of taking them myself) and waved them off. What a nice road. Nice view and we could ride. That didn't take long though. The yellow route and the horse route became narrower and steeper. Dismounted and climbed up the hill.

I didn't think it was normal but the horse route effectively passed there. I have already thought a lot on this trip, who thought about passing here on horseback??? I cursed, I cried, I puffed, I sighed... Geert, as always, remained cool-headed and looked for solutions. Dior was panting with his mouth on the ground. I was afraid. Calisto was also not really convinced to go further. The bags had to come off!! I, always as stubborn as I am, didn't want to drop off my bags at first. Geert took them anyway and at my request he walked upstairs with the bags. To see how far it was and to drop them off there and come back for the horses. Turning around was not an option, we were already too far and it was even more dangerous to go down.

There I was, on a rotten mountain road. Which by the way was quite busy. So every time I had to answer the question: what are you doing here with your horses? That didn't make it any better. By the way, Dior was very sturdy because he stayed in place all the time.

When Geert got back he took over Calisto and I went down to get Dior. I got him to climb up to his buddy. I pushed Calisto into motion and that set Dior into motion.

So all the way, 1.5 km it doesn't seem long but that's a damn long time when you're in a situation like that!!

Once we were upstairs I cried again... What was I doing to my guys!! Stupid horses route!! Geert carried the bags a long way downhill, and when the road was ok again, we hung them on the saddle again.

We walked a lot next to them again. And I had quite a bit of trouble relaxing and enjoying... Only when I asked Geert if everything was okay and he replied: yes I'm enjoying it, it dawned on me that I wasn't enjoying it. Moments later when I just thought we had a nice road, it started to go uphill again.

When I go into the mountains alone without a horse, I walk slowly and surely. I watch where I put my feet and take small steps. That's how I keep it up.

But now I'm more concerned with what's the best path for my guys, sometimes they go fast and then I have to go faster or take bigger steps. And then things go wrong. Either I bend my ankles, or I hurt my back. Today it was my back's turn. I miss stepped on such a steep, narrow path and went through my back. Then you are already there puffing because your condition is not so good, haha, then you hurt your back and then you certainly can't get any air!

My leg immediately paralyzed as well.

Yay it's that again. And I noticed it was harder for Calisto to go up slowly. We switched horses. Geert with Calisto in the lead, Dior loose behind them and I somewhere far away in the back. What a good boys!! All of them!!

Phew made it to the top.

We walked a bit further and then we had to go down the stairs. They did great again! We arrived at a busy road with a large parking lot and if I am correct, the start of the routes to Babia Góra, one of the most famous and highest mountain in this region.

A man spoke to us there. A whole explanation, at first we didn't understand it. Then it became clear that our horses would spend the night in his yard. He was the brother-in-law of the farm where we would sleep. He put us on the right route and we went back in the saddle! For less than 2 km. Difficult to descend again. We should follow the green route until we encounter the horse trail again. Green went up again. We had enough of going uphill so Geert led us through the forest until we came to an asphalt road.

From there it was 5 km to our sleeping place. On the asphalt road we came across the horse route again! Totally unexpected. 5km along a busy road, Calisto didn't mind this time! Of course we drove past the farm and did an extra few meters, hahah. Until we got a phone call. She had seen us through the window!! Okay finally we were there!! We were very warmly welcomed by a nice family.

Beautiful farm! The horses were opposite the farm in the garden of that man from the parking lot. Nice thick fat grass. Guess it can't hurt now.

We have a nice room and were allowed to have a hot meal at their place in the evening. Delicious!!! The daughter is also vegetarian which is very nice for me because then I wasn't the weird one. After dinner we had a chat with a beer. And then they suggested to let the horses drink in the river. That is really a thing here in Poland. At the places where we spend the night I always have to provide water myself. Not that I mind, but a little weird nonetheless.

But so these people suggested it themselves which I think is great!! Lights in hand, getting horses to the river. Dior was right in there, which amazed me! Drinking well. Calisto hesitated a bit but then went to take a sip anyway, but it was a bit too exciting.

Brought a bucket of water to the pasture and let horses free again on the greasy grass.

I really hoped for a good night!

Tomorrow we take a day of rest. It's too nice here! Washing some clothes, washing the boys' shoes,... We will not be bored.

Despite that one very crapy road, it was still a nice day.

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