Day 7 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zubrzyca Górna

Day 7 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zubrzyca Górna

Wonderful rest day!!

I really really enjoyed this!!

I slept really well! Finally!! After a long time!! So we both slept well.

Took a shower, had breakfast, then Geert took a shower, I sat at the water for a while in the sun that was shining nice and hard.

I washed the shoes of the boys in the river! Loved it and finally I could wash them!!

The people who know me well know that I am very fond of my stuff.

So I'm a freak and always want to get everything clean right away. At home I rinse everything off immediately after riding, but that was not successful this week.

I did brush them off but now I could wash them!!!

Then went to get the horses to let them drink in the river and fill their bucket. Then of course I couldn't resist walking down the river with them! How well they did that! Horses back onto the pasture and it was already noon.

There was a shop open here a village further and the daughter Natasja was so sweet to drive there with us (car). Back at the farm we ate outside.

Brought the horses water again because it was hot.

And then on foot to the cash machine, witch is a kilometer from here. It was out of service! Oops! And now??

Okay lets ask if they have bikes. No! are you crazy? that's way too far, Natasha will drive you again.

Okay on the way I was very happy we went by car. We had a beautiful view on the Tatry!

I could withdraw money and we ate a nice ice cream.

We filled the afternoon with sitting by the water, listening to music, looking at the map for tomorrow, lazing around. Amazing!

We got to eat with them again in the evening. Delicious again and way too much!

Quite special too because they have a special bbq!

Then we helped with their horses.

And then we chatted over a cup of tea. Extensively discussed the route for tomorrow and even received a map from them.

Then we packed the bags and we were ready for bed.

Tomorrow new day. It would be a lot of asphalt and we will have to find a camping spot on the way. So we can finally try out our new tent!

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