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Day 12, 13 and 14 transbeskidzki szlak konny Niedzica - Jaworki

Day 12 transbeskidzki szlak konny Niedzica - Jaworki

Oh man, what a day!!

Big difference with yesterday.

We couldn't get out of bed this morning. We were still asleep when the alarm went off. Snooze and Snooze again...

Until suddenly it was 5minutes before 8am. The plan was to get everything ready before 8am because we had to have breakfast at 8am.

So it didn't work. After a nice breakfast, the bags were packed, it was done fairly quickly. Placed stuff at the exit where we were going to saddle them. Brush the shoes as best as possible. The poop was scooped up, the fancy wires broken down again. Shoes on, brushed the horses and finally saddle up.

We were done and gone by 10:30 am.

The lovely women waved goodbye as we left. We came to a dam where we thought we could go over but we were stopped by a security man. A long explanation but we couldn't go over it. It ended there so we would just have to come back.

Okay other way shown. Followed the red route along the main road around the lake over a small and large bridge, past a small village back onto the main road. The boys got on well. Good boys!

We went down again. We arrived at the edge of the pieniy park.

There red ran further into the forest and we would change to blue then yellow and then blue again until we could cross the large river Dunajec and then asphalt to the farm where we were going to spend the night.

Well it sounds very easy but damn I had to get my nerves of steel out again.

Red was straight up. Another crappy road with a lot of stones. Once at the top we were able to ride a bit on blue route. It was busy, many people on the road because yes is was Friday... We had to go up again and that was another difficult road and from there we didn't sit in the saddle again until Krościenko nad Dunajcem.

F*cking Hell. Blue went higher and got harder. Sometimes nice pieces in between. A lot of people: oooh horses, so beautiful, so cute,... Thousands of photos.

But so blue went into hell. We were able to go through the forest for parts, but that was not possible everywhere. That wasn't easy either, by the way. Also very steep and slippery. The boys did a great job! We really did stairs, along chasms where they would take a step wrong we would fall down.

It was a place where you would spontaneously get a fear of heights...

It went slowly but surely. And finally we got off that rotten mountain. Nice road along the water to the village where we could cross the water via a large bridge. Grab an ice cream along the way. Let horses eat in the park. Then back into the saddle. Oh that was a long time ago. And a bit of canter through the park and further long stretches at a trot along the bike path. We had to gain time because it was already 6 pm and it gets dark very early here.

Through a busy city, that was really not nice. The cars, buses, trucks flew past us at a far too short distance but again those pretty boys of ours did well. Phew we left the village behind us. And a long way to the farm.

We arrived in the dark and were welcomed in. Horses were allowed on the pasture! We have a nice room.

It was 8pm and the daughter said the karczma would close at 10pm.

Okay enough time! so, walked 2 km to get there at 8.45 pm.

They closed at 9pm and were no longer welcome. Nothing else open nearby other than a cute little cafe where a concert was going on.

Went in for a while but the hunger was too big. 2 km back to the farm to eat some more powders with warm water, both in the shower and in bed.

The light went out quickly.

The owner knows the way here very well and we are going to ask if he can explain us the right way and also the one for tomorrow. Oh and now we also know that you are not allowed to enter the park on horseback... oops

Day 13 and 14 transbeskidzki szlak konny Jaworki


Hèhè, 1 rest day turned into 2 days.

We were both so tired! So why not hey.

Slept nice and long on Saturday and walked to the shop nearby.

On the way we gave the boys water and when we came back they were both asleep.

There was a wedding party in Jaworki and they had to serve with their 3 horse-drawn carriages. That was nice to see.

We then went to the larger, very touristy town of Szczawnica, where we rode through with the horses. Where it was so busy and difficult to ride with the traffic.

Geert kept talking about shorts because it is so hot. So we took a 'train' to town. Mister happy with his shorts. Walked around a bit, drank a cocktail, had a bite.

Then searched for a real restaurant. That was the hardest part yet! At all the typical Polish restaurants that were somewhat hidden, there was a queue!!

Finally found something and had a nice meal. Back to the farm by taxi.


Breakfast down here at 8 this morning. It's really tip-top here. Gave the boys fresh water. Shoes washed in the river. And then we went for a walk. 4 km, haha, and then we came across a lift. Okay! Up the elevator! To the top where you again had a beautiful view.

There we ate something in the mountain hut and again with the lift down.

Then it really wasn't far to the farm. Water again for the boys along the way.

And then Andzej and his daughter who can speak English had time to look at the maps. . Quite an important man because he knows a lot of roads here.

We will definitely come back here to do a multi-day trip with him.

So route for tomorrow in order. Bags already prepared. Laze some more.

We went to the Karczma on time! Gave water again on the way and went to bed, so that we can start the 2nd half of the route, rested. Because we are now halfway.

The days would be shorter and easier now. I am curious

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