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Day 16 transbeskidzki szlak konny Piwniczna Zdrój - Krynica Zdrój

Day 16 transbeskidzki szlak konny Piwniczna Zdrój - Krynica Zdrój

Phew, what a day.

Okay start at the beginning.

Slept well!! Awakened by barking dogs and the alarm of the fire brigade somewhere nearby. Before dinner all the bags were prepared and put outside, the boys brushed and shoes already put on. Then go have breakfast. What a cute lady!! Well, the whole family actually. Very warm and friendly!! Managed to communicate quite well in Polish. The father had explained to us another way than Andrzej had done in Jaworki. Firmly on our feet after breakfast and fetch the horses to saddle. We were almost ready when Anja and her husband (Jakob?) arrived.

They live a little further away. She suggested that he ride with us to help us on our way. They know a nice shortcut. Nice!! He rode on Axel, a nice big, beautiful gelding.

His pace was of course much higher. Calisto, who can walk well, could keep up with him, but Dior had to trot regularly. And that on a steep mountain, with not so easy a road, that was too heavy for him. We hadn't been gone for half an hour when the sweat was dripping off him. Literally I saw it running right off his head. Occasional breaks to catch a breath. A very nice route and beautiful views. There was still fog between the mountains and that made some special images. We said goodbye and we were at the foot of the toughest part. Dismounted and 'dragged' the horses up the mountain. Difficult road, lots of stones and really very steep!! We mounted a few times because we thought we were at the top but then it went up steeply again with a lot of stones and the boys had a hard time.

I think they've put up a little too much energy trying to follow the other big horse. On the way on a very nice road we suddenly heard a roar. First thought: Bears!! But we think they were deer.

So finally we came at hala Labowska!! There you could eat something but there was nothing we liked and it was a long wait so we rode on. We didn't want to lose precious time because it was still a very long way to go. I was actually too stressed. And I worked that out on our boys and I regret it now. Riding didn't go smoothly, then we walked next to them, but even then it didn't go faster. So I started pulling on the rope, although it didn't take long because Mr Dior has a character and dares to say no. So my pulling was answered by a striking horse that put his head in the air and gave me a dirty look. My reaction: jumping like a little kid who doesn't get candy! And then pull out some plants and throw them away. Sorry plants... Hahahha I'm such a drama queen! And Geert always stays so calm... So after anger came sadness that I worked it out on them while they also only do their best. Okay, pick yourself up and make the most of it. They were really beautiful roads!! Sometimes a nice view. Sometimes even dirt roads. Okay also some stones but suppose the horses would have been fitter, we could easily ride everything and even trot and gallop here and there. Magnificent!! After walking next to it for 15 km, my ankle hurt so much (old injury rearing its head again) and it seemed such a nice road that we got back in the saddle. Despite the little rest and food along the way, they felt fitter. After a few meters it started to go up again. Still, we stayed in the saddle and they did well. We had seen on the map that there was a horse on our route, which indicates that there must also be a stable.

Brought out the good friend Google and found a phone number. Called, no response. Just send a message, no response all afternoon. Okay, we have to pass it anyway, because it's on the route so we'll ask if we can stay there for one night. Meanwhile back in the saddle, after a solid descent we came across a busy track with a karczma!! Ooh Hungry!! But we have to move on. Back into the forest, we came across 2 horses but no humans to be seen. Okay we rode on.

Then for the first time we came across a place where we could possibly set up our tent. But since Dior still needs some practice with the long line, we prefer not to camp in the wild just yet. Despite the fact that we carry all the gear with us every day... Sigh... But that was the plan B. The yellow route went through the forest on beautiful paths where we even trotted for long stretches. As if they were through their fatigue and understood that if they kept walking, they would have food faster. Finally inhabited world again because I was now a bit tired of that ignorance. Had to search for the right house, that was already strange that there was no sign or anything that indicated the place. We were standing in front of a large gate and luckily a young man was walking around with his baby.

Yes, he can speak English. Can we stay the night here?

Oh but this place no longer exists. No more horses here. He will ask his wife and call the 'owners'.

Okay the situation got clearer with time. Mother and father live here, they used to be a horse stable but gave up and opened a petting zoo a little further on in another village. At this place they have a so-called 'small' house where grandma and grandpa lived, but unfortunately they died. The cottage is now used by family and friends as a holiday residence. Mother and father are on vacation and the daughter is here on vacation with her family (that is, the young guy with the baby).

Okay we can stay. Top!!!

Horses on the paddock which now has small blades of grass and there is a large mound of fresh hay. They also got a bowl of water right away.

AND we could sleep in the 'little' house.

Ooh absolutely great!! He even lit the burner so it's warm in here and we have hot water. AND he drove me to town by car to do some shopping!! So bought spaghetti and a pot of sauce, cookies for tomorrow afternoon and sandwiches and spreads for breakfast. And of course a few beers for now. We ended up well again!! Big luck!!

Tomorrow a 20 to 25 km to Ropki where they expect us already. Since there's a place here to make a fire, we thought we'd finally do it but I'm too tired, my ankle hurts, I've just had a nice warm shower and I'm crawling into my bed...

Glad that I don't have to be in the cold tent with a pig on the line and loud deer in the background. I wouldn't close an eye whole night.

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