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Day 2 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zabnica - Lipowska

Day 2 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zabnica

Out of bed in the morning at 6.45 am.

I was glad because I had slept badly again. Not that the bed wasn't good or anything, but I've always had trouble sleeping in strange places. Quite difficult.

Had breakfast, packed our bags.

Damn it, my sweater was still wet. So I put on a new sweater. Socks still wet, but shoes wet too, so I'd better wear those wet socks again. Then I have dry socks afterwards.

We said thanks to the people for their hospitality.

Horses saddle up. When brushing noticed that they had back pain. Not much, a bit sensitive. Nevertheless, we left in good spirits.

The hostess put us on the right path. Black route straight uphill. Horse had back pain, so do we. My 'leg paralysis' reared its head again. So concentrated well and took a break in time. It was warm with our suit on. So we were sweating. But without it we would be soaking wet. Stubborn that I am, I kept my hood up all day yesterday. Today it was really too hot. Result. All the water poured in. You suddenly feel that when you get to the top of a mountain where it is very windy.

Oh and I just had my dry sweater on. So no more dry ones.

Okay so on to the top. There we decided that we would take a different route. With less height lines. Because climbing in the rain with back pain is not pleasant. And we didn't have to do it for the views either. Because with the rain you can't see anything. Green route was very nice in the beginning. Not too steep, nice to walk but that didn't last long. It became very narrow, just next to the abyss and it only rained harder. It was slippery.

I even started crying once because I heard Dior slide behind me and I immediately thought the worst. So afraid of losing my loved one.. ❤️

Fortunately, Geert stayed calm. And it ended well.

Okay again. The road went on and on and then it started to climb quite a bit.

We met a whole group of hikers and I asked if it was still far. She replied : the mountain shelter? An hour.

Oh man! There is a mountain shelter??

Yes! All hope on that!

Hopefully there is grass for the horses and they have a room for us🤞🤞

It was a long hour. Wet too... Okay 15 more minutes the sign said!

Whoops! Dior broke his shoe!! Fortunately we had a spare cable. But the only one we had with us so we hoped the rest stays whole. Because they really need hoof protection.

Yes! We finally arrived. Geert went inside to ask in his best Polish if the horses can spend the night here? It was very unclear and the woman was waving from the doorway ..

Hmm okay. Going further away with the horses...

I was tired of it. I went to the woman. (Geert had done his best)

Explained that we want to stay the night. Is that possible? Oh ai uih... Yes...

The horses are allowed on the grass at the back on the campsite.

Top! Fairly out of the wind and 'enough' grass.

We had a hot meal, hot shower, clothes hung to dry.

We had a view on the horses from our room.

Meanwhile, it continued to storm and pour.

So glad we stopped. Hopefully tomorrow better weather, otherwise maybe another night? Today was a short day but better take it easy than having an accident. It must remain fun. 8.55 km and 3h03.

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