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Day 3 transbeskidzki szlak konny Lipowska - Korbielow

Day 3 transbeskidzki szlak konny Lipowska - Korbielów

I finally got some sleep. From the moment the sun was rising, I was checking the horses every 5 minutes by looking through the window. But it was raining so hard and there was a thick fog so I couldn't see them until 6:45 am.

Got up, packed bags. Brought them all down in the hall so we could saddle up as soon as possible. 8am breakfast. That was good! Okay we got the horses.

They were shivering. It was still pouring rain. There seemed to be no end to it.

Once the saddle was on, the shivering stopped.

Geert fixed Dior his shoe last night, I was very happy with it and Dior too.

Waved goodbye by the lady who wished us a safe way, departed in good spirits. And actually it was a pleasant day. Yes it poured! Everything was wet and slippery and flooded. Shoes that had almost dried up were soaked again within minutes. Horses were a bit stiff in the beginning but it got better. We didn't ride again, we walked together.

Very nice roads where you could ride really nice if it were dry. Also missed some views. We were doing the toughest climb when I suddenly noticed that Dior had lost his repared shoe!! With the necessary cursing and Geert's calmness, he found the shoe very quickly and was able to make it right away. Nice work from Geert because it was cold and windy and it was very precise work. A real craftsman that guy of mine!

I was getting a bit cold in the meantime. Shoe fixed and back on. The descent was still quite exciting. Sometimes up to the belly in the mud. Shoes stayed on well. Going down at the ski slopes.

We just walked past our overnight stay having no idea. Throughout the village and back again, in the other direction, we were at ski lifts, yes there can't be a Hucul farm here, right?? It was right through it. haha.

Called to ask directions. A complete explanation that I did not understand.

I only got angrier.

I got another phone number. OK I call there, I got an old man on the line who seemed drunk. Bad connection, he will call back in 15 min. Okey 15.min, in the rain on the side of the road. Sigh... I had a certain expectation and I shouldn't have had that.

Finally found the man and the right place. (again lost 3 km)

First a whole explanation. Okay, finally at to the place where we can unsaddle the horses.

In the meantime it stoped raining. I asked if the horses could go out on the pasture.

Yes, but on the line. On the line? They had just had a hellish night on the line in the storm...

I didn't want that.

A whole discussion, drama, phone calls to the home front, tears, calling in daddy as a translator,...

Finally agreed that they can spend the night on the pasture.

The thing was that he had to check the wires because it was broken in some places.

Well, we can do that... That's not a problem, right...

Okay, we worked it out. But I got to hear him out that if you go on a trekking with your horse, your horse must be able to stand on the line.

And if a vegetarian does horseback riding and such, how can that be, and hoof boots? No, irons are better.

I just had no sense of humor left. So that came in hard. Live and let live right?

That he locks his horses up all day in a dark, dirty stable where they are tied, despite having enough land at their disposal, I don't mind that either, do I? Oh well, so at 5 pm we were ready to take our horses out of sight so that his horses could pass by.

Finally on that big pasture!

And then ours could go back to their pasture.

I would help him take his horses to the pasture. Checking the wires and getting a whole explanation about all sorts of things.

So we became friends, haha.

And finally we were able to walk to the city center and enjoy a delicious cocktail and pizza!!! (on my aunt's recommendation 😉)

What a day!

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