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Day 8 and 9 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zubrzyca Górna - Bukowina Tatrzanska

Day 8 and 9 transbeskidzki szlak konny Zubrzyca Górna - forest - Bukowina Tatrzańska

Monday: Early in the morning, 8.20 am on horseback. With a good feeling we left behind the beautiful farm Alan-O. First follow the busy road and then left in front of the shop where we were taken yesterday. Followed the yellow route. That took us through the forest and fields where we had a beautiful view of the Tatry!

Unfortunately, it is not as spectacular in the pictures as in real life. The fields took us to a cute village of Orawka where we had to come across an old wooden church. Yes! Found it! Crossing the busy road S7 which would take us home if we followed it. Lost the yellow road for a while to then go by our instincts and encounter the yellow road again.

Then we had to descend and ended up in the next village. Followed the road again for a while and then we took a field road again. Nice roads, sometimes a lot of stones, but compared to what we had before this was a really nice day!

Then we had to climb a lot but on an asphalt road. So that went pretty well!! We even trotted for a long time. Through the next village and then we ended up in nature again. The yellow route changed to red and that took us through a slightly wetter part but still beautiful. We had just gotten off the horses because I was getting stiff in my hips and had to go through a big deep puddle.

We had wet feet for almost a whole week and we didn't feel like it now. So we walked on a very narrow, difficult part next to the big puddle. And Dior, who first walked through the water without any problems, suddenly came walking behind me on that difficult road. And yes, of course he slid off. Right front shoe broken. Those shoes are not a success with my hooligan! Even though he really needs them. I cursed again. We would have to do another 6 km to find somewhere to spend the night there. But further following the red road we came to a beautiful piece of grassland with some trees and a river nearby. Okay this will be it, our overnight stay. At 4 pm we were already done putting up the tent and washing the horse shoes. Then brushing the horses and repairing Dior's shoe with a cable from Calisto's shoe. Because we did't have any more left.

So tomorrow he has to continue without shoes behind. Nice food made, (such a powder where you put hot water in) and rested a bit. The boys are on the long line and Calisto is doing very well but Dior is being difficult. Hopefully I can close my eyes tonight.

Oh yes, the nice thing was that this region is already well advanced in terms of animal welfare. There are many farms here with cows and we saw a lot of land with a shelter where the cows can run loose, water barrels and if they were chained they had a bucket of water with them.

I wrote this just before dusk.

This is what followed: We had just moved the horses to a new patch of grass so they would be sure to have enough for the night. I had just crawled into the tent to change my clothes because it was getting cold. We slept close to that river and it was quite wet grassland. So in the evening and at night already quite cold. Dior had a bell in his hair. And just as I was about to take off my pants, we heard the bell ring and move away. Hmmm... I'll go! shouted Geert! And I heard him shout, hooo Dior.

Okay, quickly put on clothes again, put on shoes... Calisto, of course, was also stressing because his friend run off.

I grabbed Calisto, grabbed ropes, jumped on him and galloped after them. I just let him do his thing because he knew much better where to go. I saw in the distance that Geert had almost caught Dior but because he saw Calisto then he came galloping towards us. Caught the naughty child and then it took a while to find our tent 🤣.

Put them back on the line. And then it was totally dark. Okay time to crawl into the tent. Set an alarm every 2 hours and take turns checking the horses. It was a long cold night.

Tuesday: Got up at 6 o'clock. We didn't eat, we would do that in the first village we come across. There will be a shop. We thought...

Tent packed, everything was very wet from the dew and the wet field, packed everything, saddled the horses, their hoof shoes that I washed in the river the night before were frozen The first part was immediately an adventurous part with low hanging branches, fallen trees, rivers to cross, puddles...

Dior walked a bit restlessly, so he walked on my heels twice. Ouch!

I always teach my horses to respect my personal space, but Dior sometimes forgets that.

We were tired, hungry and all had a bit of a bad day. It didn't go as smoothly today.

The difficult forest road turned into an asphalt road that ran through villages, Without a shop!! On busy roads, then quieter roads. We got through the morning with a pack of cookies and it finally at 11 o'clock we came across a store! Yes!!

Now trying to find a place to eat, half an hour later we found it in a side street off the busy road.

We had a beautiful view of the Tatry all day! They really call me!! I am coming! But without horses ,haha.

We walked a lot on the footpath as it felt safer. Along the water, through the water, past the gypsy camp, past the many farms and the farmers who were still mowing the grass for hay. We had to do 35 km today which is really a lot at our pace. We trotted and did occasional a canter where we could but really limited by the roads and our packing. We rode parts and walked parts because the boys were really shuffling today.

They probably hadn't had such a good night either. Few places where we could, we let them eat. After all it was a very nice day, started off difficult but after the afternoon it just became nice again.

Arrived at a beautiful stable!

In Bukowina Tatrzanska. Friendly, nice horse man, the saddles could hang well, I could shower the horses! Yay!!! It clearly did them good and that way I could also take a good look if there was nothing warm or thick. Everything okay.

First they were allowed on a grass pasture but for the night they are on the pasture that we have a view of from our room with freshly cut grass.

Nice room by the way!

We had a nice meal! With a beautiful view! Those mountains... Beautiful sunset.

We put the horses on their night pasture and did a hand wash of the clothes and took a nice shower.

It won't be long before the lights go out here.

Moving the horses again tomorrow at 7 o'clock.

Too bad because I really wanted to sleep long.

Tomorrow another nice rest day. I love it here!!

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