Day 15 transbeskidzki szlak konny Jaworki - Piwniczna Zdrój

Day 15 transbeskidzki szlak konny Jaworki - Piwniczna Zdrój

Well rested!

Packed the last things, put our bags outside and had breakfast.

Then fetch the horses, as nice as they come when we whistle.

We had used Calisto's rope to tie the gate of the pasture. His rope halter hung there. That of Dior, the Bordeaux was hung on the gate. This morning Dior's rope was on the floor and the rope halter was gone. We looked for it for a while but I'm sure it was stolen.

The rope around his neck led him down the street to the farm. And there I got a nice red halter from Andrzej. Saddled the horses, a forester came to visit and said that he had seen 4 bears last night.

We were shown a picture from a night camera. So special!

Said goodbye and we were off. I felt like it! The boys had to come back for a while.

The whole day actually. We had to cross the same river at least 5 times but in different places. Then we had a steep climb with loose cows, cute puppies and a big fat horse.

We got off halfway through because it didn't really go smoothly. It was already warm and it was puffing. Once at the top, back into the saddle and along the border to the Obidza pass. We got again very nice views the whole ride long and the roads were quite nice and easy!!

In the afternoon we came across Chata Magory where we ate pierogi. Delicious!!

Our lunch has been made up of cookies for 2 weeks. So it was very nice to get something warm and tasty in the afternoon.

Then the descent to Piwniczna Zdrój began. Those beautiful views again! There was thunder and rain in the air but we were spared. We found the place to stay very easily and were received very well again! This is another beautiful place where the horses are very well cared for. Horses on a pasture in the street, saddles in the nice tack room and we sleep above the stables in a brand new building! It is not even finished. The bathroom is finished and our room as good as. Once it's finished, it will be really beautiful here!! We immediately received very good food from the mother. We feel at home.

Then put together a pasture next to the stable building. Over there the boys stayed for the night because it is less remote. They have (suffered by) about 30 wolves here. And that is why they like to have the animals close to home. The lynx is also very active here (about 10), the bears and many large deer. Isn't it wonderful to be so close to wild nature!

Helped a bit in the stables with the evening round and then walked to the city. Had a nice ice cream and stopped by the shop for a drink. Walked back to the stable, had a nice shower and now we are looking at the route for tomorrow. It's going to be a long hard day tomorrow. But we enjoyed today again!! 21 km

Oh yes, and since this weekend the autumn has started here!! Leaves are changing color and some trees are even dropping their leaves. Horses are getting their winter fur.

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