Walking and cycling pleasure

Our farm is located in the Holy Cross Mountains, so you have varied views. You have fields and forests here.

In front of us is a protected forest. There is a hiking and cycling route, this runs along a rock formation at the top of the mountain. A few villages away is a swimming lake, which is also nice to cycle past. There are different departure points with marked routes.
Behind our farm, beyond the fields, is a nice forest where you can explore for hours. Enough walking and cycling pleasure.

We have 4 adult bicycles and 2 children's bicycles available.

You can rent our mountain bikes for a whole day.

We provide mapped routes, but you can of course also explore the area on your own.

- Bicycle rental: 10 euro 40 zl

  We ask for a 50 euro 200 zl deposit upon        departure. You will of course get this back  if    the bike returns in the same condition.