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How do you get here?

Are you coming by plane?

You can choose between Krakow airport or Warszawa airport.


From there you can easily take the train to Suchedniow.

That is the closest train station for us.

There is the possibility that we will pick up our guests at the train station. Please inform us in advance.


-Train station Suchedniow 10km: 10 euros



You can also take a taxi from in Krakow or Warszawa

(the price for a taxi is around 150 euro)



Renting a car is also an option.


-Rental a normal car costs around 80 euros for a week.

(this is an average price, it can differ due to the type of car, period, company, ...)



Are you coming by car but do you think the journey is too long to drive in a day?

We recommend a nice place to stay in Dresden Germany.

Western inn is about half the route from Belgium and the Netherlands, it is a small ranch, situated on a beautiful spot nearby a river.

Close to the highway but still quiet.

You can eat well and you can have breakfast or get a breakfast package to go.


For those arriving from the west side of the country, this route description might be useful.


How you drive through Germany does not really matter, but it is advisable to take the border with Poland via Gorlitz / Zgorzelec via Dresden (Germany).

Then follow A4 to Wroclaw / Breslau and change to A8 towards Warszawa / Warsaw.

This A8 then changes to S8.

This is a beautiful highway that extends to Piotrkow Trybunalski.

For now this is not a toll away.

Once in Piotrkow you follow 74.

This is a main road that runs through villages and beautiful pieces of nature. You can drive here on average 90 km / h.

Follow this road for about 100 km until you come across Kielce signs.

Then follow S7 towards Warszawa.

Continue for 30 km and take  exit Laczna.

Watch out, sharp turn!
Take the T on the left.

Turn left again at the next T.

Drive 900 meters and turn right before the gas station at the hardware store.

Follow the road up, a few turns, under the railway bridge.

Then you have the choice but the easiest way is to continue straight ahead.

Drive up and down the hill, in the valley you come across a smaller street on your left.
Drive this until you come to the Kapkazy sign at a crossroads!
Drive through the street. On your right you will come across a sand slope, once you pass it you will see the first entrance for the campers on the left, vacationhouse take the second entrance.

Welcome to our farm!