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What can you experience here?

Our farm is located in a low mountain area. The Swietokrzyskie Mountains, or the Holy Cross Mountains, the oldest mountains in Europe.

Around us you have different nature parks and in front of us lies a protected primeval forest with rock formation.

There are many walking and cycling routes in the various parks.

We are therefore lying between the fields and forests.

Ideal if you like walking or cycling for hours in nature.

routes bordjes.jpg

At 100 meters from the farm you have a source where you can get delicious spring water, nice and fresh and healthy.









You can go swimming in the lake of Wilkow. You can go kayaking and take the bicycle boat. (15 km by bike, 20 km by car)


On the highest mountain, Lysica mountain, there is a Benedictine monastery which is worth a visit. As well as a witch amusement park for the little ones.


There is an amusement park at 20 km from the farm. Here you have mini Europe, a climbing park, a luna park and in the winter you can ski there. You can also eat well there. It is located on the side of a mountain and you have a great view.


Near the amusement park you have a women's monastery with a source.

A few hiking trails also start here.

There is also a museum of fossils and minerals.

bron sw katarzyna.jpg
Ruine Bodzentyn.jpg

Beyond Kielce you have a very handsome castle ruin. Well worth a visit! (40km)



Not far from the castle you have an open-air museum in a beautiful park. (47km)















And a handsome cave. But this is only accessible with a guide, so you must make a reservation for this.

museum bokrijk.jpg


There is a ruin in the centre of Bodzentyn. (12km)





At 30km from us you have a big city Kielce.

Here you have a beautiful city square, pleasant streets and a beautiful park.

Various museums and sights.


Those who enjoy shopping can enjoy themselves in one of the shopping centers.


Those who would like to be pampered for a day can visit the wellness of the Odyssey hotel.

The old town of Sandomierz takes you back in time. The picturesque village with beautiful buildings and cozy terraces is very charming. It is 80 km from our farm.


Those who would like to taste Polish wine can go to the vineyard in Sandomierz.


At 60km there is a beautiful ruin that is still in very good condition. The castle of Ujazd.



The capital of Poland, Warsaw is 160 kilometers from our farm, Krakow is 150 kilometers.


There is much more to discover. We have all kinds of leaflets and cards here. This way you can plan your ideal holiday yourself.

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