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Advanced horse riding

We have a nice herd of 12 horses.

All very friendly and accessible.

Some horses are already enjoying their retirement and are therefore available to cuddle and care for but they are no longer being ridden.



We try to keep our horses as natural as possible. They are kept outside in 2 herds 24/7. They have spacious meadows and have a shelter. We trim the hoofs naturaly, we ride them bitless and all have a suitable saddle. It is important that you treat the horses with respect.

With us you can make nice outdoor rides with our horses. We have 3 horses you can ride with.

These rides are guided, which means that I am coming with you to plan a route, depending on the duration of the trip.

You can choose to make a ride from 1 hour to 4 hours or a day ride where you are about 5 to 6 hours on horse with a nice lunch.

I do ask to have experience in horse riding.

I am not going to offer riding lessons. So experience is required.


You can join from the age of 14. Or 12 if you are in possession of a license.

A cap is required, just like appropriate riding shoes.

Our horses are suitable for carrying riders up to 85 kg (for the well-being of the horses).

Before we go for a ride, we will choose a suitable horse for every rider. We take our time to prepare them, you do this largely yourself, I help of course if necessary. 

We have a very varied terrain of forests and fields. The farm is located in the valley of the Holy Cross mountains. So on the way the view changes regularly, which creates spectacular vieuws. A unique experience.

We only take 1 ride per day for the well-being of the horses.

In the summer it can get very hot here; then we discuss together whether we leave very early or earlier in the evening.

The hay season usually falls at the end of June. Then we are busy on the land and therefore no rides can be made.

Horseback riding can certainly also be done in winter, but keep the snow in mind.  If it is too thick, it will be too heavy for the horses and the rides will not continue.

Everything is negotiable.


For more info do not hesitate to send an email.


-1 hour: 15 euro 60 zl

-2 hours: 30 euro 120 zl

-3 hours: 45 euro 180 zl

-4 hours: 60 euro 240 zl

-Day ride  5 - 6 hours with lunch: 75 euro 300 zl

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